The International Lepidoptera Survey (TILS-TTR)

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The International Lepidoptera Survey has two active and dynamic email groups hosted on Yahoo for talking about Lepidoptera sightings, science, and other issues. One group focuses more on butterflies, one covers moths. Most messages concern North America, but we're not restricted geographically. You don't need to be a member of TILS to participate. Subscribe and join in the fun!


It's all about Butterflies & Moths - for questions and answers and to exchange information. All levels of interest and expertise are welcome, as are all topics related to Lepidoptera. This is the place to meet the experts or read about current research in progress. Scientists, butterfly watchers, photographers, collector hobbyists, gardeners, naturalists, teachers and students can all learn from each other here. Be polite as needed (but beware, some lepidopterological discussions can get quite "energetic")!

To subscribe and view the archives (visible only after subscribing), see: TILS-leps-talk


It's all about moths, moths, and more moths. A place for questions and answers, to exchange information, and to post photos of those unknowns. All moth related topics and all levels of interest are welcome. Be nice!

To subscribe and view the archives (visible only after subscribing), see: TILS-moth-rah