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The International Lepidoptera Survey - The Taxonomic Report

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Volume 1

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1 October 1998
An Addendum to Anthocharis midea Dos Passos and Klots 1969. (Description of a new subspecies from Texas.)
1 November 1998
The rediscovery, taxonomy, and biology of Chlosyne gorgone gorgone and Chlosyne ismeria (Nymphalidae) in Burke County, Georgia.
1 December 1998
Two new Nymphalidae from western North Carolina: new subspecies of Speyeria aphrodite and Phyciodes batesii.
1 January 1999
Subspecific status of southeastern U.S. Megathymus cofaqui and M. yuccae: renaming of the Florida subspecies of M. cofaqui.
1 January 1999
A comment on Friedlander’s Asterocampa (Nymphalidae, Apaturinae): designation of neotypes for A. celtis and A. clyton.
1 March 1999

An evolutionary subspecific assessment of Deciduphagus henrici (Lycaenidae) based on its utilization of Ilex and Non-Ilex hosts: description of a third Ilex associated subspecies. Designation of a neotype and type locality for Deciduphagus irus.
15 April 1999
A new subspecies of Brephidium isophthalma (Lycaenidae: Polyommatinae) from coastal South Carolina.
15 July 1999
Hübner’s helicta: the forgotten Neonympha. The recognition and elevation of Neonympha helicta (Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) to specific status. The designation of neotypes for N. helicta and N. areolatus. The subspecific transfer of septentrionalis to helicta and the description of a third helicta subspecies from south Florida.
15 August 1999
Celastrina idella (Lycaenidae: Polyommatinae): a new butterfly species from the Atlantic Coastal Plain.
24 December 1999
Three new Hesperioidae (Hesperiinae) from South Carolina: new subspecies of Euphyes bimacula, Poanes aaroni, and Hesperia attalus

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